Dear Utah Educator, Leader or Community Partner:


As the Latino population in the United States continues to grow, the number of Latino school children grows as well. In fact, it is projected that Latino children will make up 25 percent of the school-age population by the year 2025. Currently, the proportion of Latino school administrators, as compared to students, is disproportionately low. One must ask: How can this disparity be corrected?


The mission of ALAS-Utah is to develop and support current aspiring Latino educators, helping them advance into positions of leadership. Accordingly, ALAS-Utah has partnered with Grand University offer two different scholarships to our members.


Scholarship 1

The first scholarship is a competitive $5,000 scholarship, available to an aspiring Latino school educator to attend Grand Canyon University’s online program. (Occasional/infrequent on-campus visits are required.) Scholarship monies will be deducted from tuition costs at the beginning of each semester over two years at the rate of $2500 per year, with second year payments dependent upon successful completion of the first year in the program. (If the recipient is in the last year of the program at the time of the award, the entire $5K will be applied.)


If you fit the following criteria,please take advantage of this opportunity.

  • You are an aspiring Latino educator, and

  • You desire to pursue educational administration or leadership as a profession

  • You want to make a difference for all students,but especially students of Latino heritage.



  • A candidate must be a current dues-paying member of ALAS-Utah (To join, click on this link.)

  • Scholarship is contingent upon being accepted into Grand Canyon University

  • The program must be educational administration or educational leadership and must lead to an administrative license

  • The eventual goal of the candidate is to serve as an administrator at the school or district level

  • The candidate must be able to document a minimum of two years of classroom teaching


Scholarship 2

The second scholarship is available to all Utah educators. Grand Canyon University offers a Utah Educator Scholarship which gives a 10% reduction in tuition.If you are interested in learning more about this scholarship, please contact Jeromy Hansen ( or call 385-266-5289).

If you have any questions about the application process, email Paula Espinoza at paula.espinoza@utah.eduor call 435-820-8589. For questions about Grand Canyon University’s admission process, email Jeromy Hansen atJeromy.hansen@gcu.eduor call 385-266-5289

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